28 September 2018

the rape of a nation

the world is laughing at us but assault isn't funny.

this obese man with paintd face & grotesque hair grabs us by the genitals & won't let go.

the legitimacy of his office is suspect but he plows on. he has the opposite of the Midas touch. everything golden that his little hands finger tarnishes.

he plunders our coffers & gives power to his evil spawn. he surrounds himself with venal sycophants who poison the environment for personal gain & put children in cages & mock education & lie. now he seeks to elevate to our highest court an intemperate judge who obfuscates & screams conspiracy while our Congress of cowards applauds. in 2 years he has creatd such damage that it will not be fixd in my lifetime.

everyday -- almost every hour -- his ego & ignorance bring a new crisis.

& what way out of this morass? a ravishd nation cowers in a lockd bathroom waiting for a stairway to freedom.


Tom Beckett said...

Well said.

Carla Unefer said...

Unfortunately,this is so true. 😣