23 April 2018


I met Edward Guthmann 18 years ago but we've only seen each other a couple of times since. so I don't know him well.

today his book Wild Seed: Searching for My Brother Dan arr'd in the mail. I'm a slow reader & was going to put it in the huge to-read pile. but I opend it. & there I sat reading it all the way thru.

now I know Edward Guthmann better than I had before.

this isn't a review. I won't go into the particulars of the book. but allow me a personal reflection. I like knowing abt people I don't know. but even better I like learning new things abt those I think I do know. I have great appreciation for this author's task. & as so often happens when I read it prods me to dig into my own.

thank you Edward for letting me know more abt yr life. that last photograph of yr brother looking so happy & sexy on the beach makes me wish I'd met him. but of course because of yr book I already have.

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