13 February 2017

there was a time

when I wantd my ashes thrown from the footbridge near my house into Arroyo Chamisa. then I moved.

that made me rethink this whole eternity business. I realized I've always loved cemeteries.  so I decided perhaps I shd pick one for myself. & quickly I got the idea for Hollywood Forever.  altho I've never physically lived there I have imaginatively.

today my friend Gary Sielaff drove me thru those gates. I met with lovely Noelle Berman who introduced us to Tyler Cassity -- long a hero to me for his role in preserving this famous cemetery. then she took us on a tour showing me possible locations.

Gary & I then went back to look while I made up my mind.  I cd've had a spot directly under Holly Woodlawn but decided no.

before we went back to Cathedral Masoleum I stopped at the grave of young actor Anton Yelchin. his mother was nearby & when she approachd we shook hands & I offerd my condolences.

then I pickd my niche. I'd walkd past it often on my way to see the grave of Rudolph Valentino. it felt like an appropriate place for my last act.

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Jean Vengua said...

Your ashes ending up in Hollywood Forever seems just exactly right. Great choice!