25 February 2016

Walter Kundzicz (1925-2016)

when I was growing up there was no internet & censorship was so severe full frontal photographs were illegal. I'm not sure how I found my way to the cigar store on the corner which also sold magazines. & I don't know why that store sold certain magazines to a kid.  but after I discoverd physique periodicals I was hookd.

even now with dicks sticking out at us from everywhere I have a fondness for those old photos of men in posing straps.  a few years ago I even wrote a long poem abt it.

I never knew the names of the photographers. if they did use a name it often was as fake as those of their models. Kundzicz was the man behind Champion Studios.

the young who click their crotches on phones & immediately send those photos everywhere may find this kind of image quaint.  but for men of my generation looking back is a powerful mix of nostalgia & desire.

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Anonymous said...

Blueboy was my first book of choice. Thanks for sharing!