24 November 2015

David Canary (1938-2015)

I knew him first because his brother John was a student at Kent where he playd the lead in Lawrence & Lee's Thoreau play.

I saw David in summer stock & later in supporting roles in Tennessee Williams' Broadway flop abt the Fitzgeralds.

but of course he was best known for playing twins on "All My Children." I was never a follower of soaps but that one at one time came on just because the local news at noon.  so I'd often see the end of an episode when I tuned in.

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richard lopez said...

many many many many years ago i used to watch ALL MY CHILDREN and remember david canary who played both a conniving wealthy creep, and his more simple, pure of heart, twin. i lost track of both the show and canary a long time ago. still, he was a good actor with a knack for the kind of drama a soap opera demands. that is in no way a slight but a stated admiration for a craftsman who pitched at the first intensity.