24 June 2015

remembering a panel of poets

yesterday I finishd reviewing the literature section of my book collection -- deciding what to keep   what to sell   what to donate.

in my copy of May Swenson's To Mix With Time I found this notation from that fabled summer at Wagner College:

on 8 July 63   poetry panel (Staten Is.)   w. Kenneth Koch (moderator), Corso, X J Kennedy, Le Roi Jones, Gerard Malanga, Robt. Kelly, Ruth Krauss, Paul Goodman.  not memorable. Kennedy summed it up to Corso: "I don't think it was worth very much."  Arnold Weinstein added his reason 4 nothing happening: "There was no booze."

Weinstein -- best rememberd as librettist to William Bolcom -- caused a bit of a scandal at the writers conference by urinating in public on campus.

strangely I left Swenson's name off the list of participants -- probably because I was writing it in her book so presumed I'd always remember that.

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