08 December 2014

Sam Harris (1877-1965)

last nite I got my Carolyn Jones fix by seeing "Last Train from Gun Hill."  it's a predictable western worth seeing only for Jones whose brilliance often elevatd mundane material. at one moment she stood next to Sam Harris. now I see this man almost every week. he was in some 600 films from 1928 right up till his death.

but last nite I wonderd why he hasn't been the subject of more discussion. if Bess Flowers is veneratd as "the queen of the dress extras" (as well she shd be) then Harris deserves to be king. apparently those in the business calld him "The Major." & some sources list him as Major Sam Harris. perhaps this is why the sobriquet "the king of the extras" isn't used. but when I think of the world of Hollywood extras it's always Flowers & Harris who come to mind first.


cinemage books said...

funny but i was watching a b little number the other night gorilla at large, its fun mainly because of the cast including anne bancroft so beautiful, anyway I could swear that I recognized jones as anne's ass't on the trapeze, but she's not listed in the credits nor is the film listed in her filmog. I'm certain it was her, hard not to recognize her. do you have any info on this.

Alex Gildzen said...

can't imagine that if she was in the film that it has gone unnoticed. the only CJ credit that I know of that is in doubt is "East of Eden." she has been in some cast lists but I've never spottd her in it. wd be great if she was in a scene with Dean.