06 December 2012

Jerry Wyatt (1940-2010)

I first saw him on Broadway opposite Angela Lansbury in "Mame" in 1967. then the next year in the same show opposite Sheila Smith. but we didn't meet till the spring of 1979 at Joe Allen.  I spent the nite at his apartment.

however we didn't stay in touch.  it was by accident that I ran into him again in 1983. that time we got roaring drunk together at the Plaza Hotel's famous Oak Bar.

as happens with so many with whom we share brief intimacy Jerry wd pop into my mind from time to time. but it wasn't till last nite when I was doing online searching in the Broadway database that I did a more exhaustive hunt for him. & I learnd that Jerry died from cancer over 2 years ago.

in my memory there's a special chorus line of all those boys from so long ago. each one gave me a flash of joy. & now each one has his moment in my spotlight.  

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