03 July 2012

"wearing my high school vest"

what dust must rest
in ridges of that corduroy
& memories of more
than a half century

its green & brown lines
still form squares
while my lines
whir & jig

were I to know
when I wore it then
what I know now
how wd life change

cars still crash
loves dash & walls fall
but here I am
smiling in an old vest


it startd with that picture from the Chestnut Burr. I'm sure that vest is the same one which I'm wearing in another picture in my high school yearbook. from the scan it's difficult to tell it's the same item but I know it is.

I don't remember the origins of that vest but I've been wearing it longer than any other article of clothing I've ever ownd.

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Anonymous said...

i still own the pants i wore to graduation. however they do not fit. i mean not even close.