05 April 2012

I sleep well

but sometimes I wake an hour or so before usual.  I tend to get up & begin my day.  however there are times when I remain in bed listening to the music of the dark.  depending on the season the house may utter arias. it's its breathing. the most notes come from the nearby highway. regardless of the hour there are people on the move. there is a base line of tires on pavement. if I'm still in bed around 6 the first train rattles by.  it's a sound I love.  probably because it takes me back to childhood when train sounds were lullabies.

since much of the music of the dark is made by people I often wonder who they are & what propels them to navigate the darkness. I wonder if a homeless person is snoring in my arroyo. & I wonder if birdsong awakens animals.

& if i try hard enough sometimes I think I hear my blood circulating in my body.

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