17 August 2011


a movie lives in its own memory world. one such was Martin Ritt's "The Sound and the Fury" which I saw with my best friend Tom -- a Faulkner fan -- when we were 16.

TCM ran the film last nite. it's a mess. but still it was fun to see Stuart Whitman looking so hot. Margaret Leighton -- best rememberd for her stage work -- invests her clichd role with a haunting tenderness. & legendary Ethel Waters has one quick moment in which she transcends the art of acting & simply is her character with an entire life on display in one simple look.


richard lopez said...

it seems to me some novels are too resistant to the medium of cinema, particularly faulkner's writings

i've heard of this adaptation before but i've yet dared myself to watch it as i'm, or used to be, a huge fan of faulkner

i am a fan of whitman and even bought a dvd of a 1970s drive-in film sight unseen because his name was on the cover but alas he wasn't even in the movie

AlexG said...

there are 2 Whitman films on my wish list: "The Mark" & "Johnny Trouble."

cinemage books said...

My uncle took me to see the sound and the fury in 1959 when I was around 11. It was at the New York Paramount, Now don't ask me why an 11 year old would want to see this film. It was probably because Joanne Woodward was in it, and it had a forbidden look about it. I don't think I hated it, would love to see it again though. Yes stuart whitman he drove me crazy as a teen.

AlexG said...

I like Woodward but this isn't one of her best. she was too old for the part & visibly preggers.