22 February 2011

I've heard

horror stories abt people met online: stalkers   con men   even murderers. yes middens are everywhere.

but the death of my friend Darryl reminds me how much richer my life is because of the internet.

Darryl was one of a group of guys I met in a chat room abt 11 years ago. the wit that flowd there still brings smiles to me. & over the years many of us met in real time. we were a sharing caring bunch. in fact the person who visitd Darryl the most in his final days was one of our group.

so even tho I'm sad right now there is a part of me where joy dances. some of my internet buddies have brought light to a life that too often seems dark to me. & to them I'll always be grateful.

1 comment:

Bob said...

I feel the same way. A warmth, a richness and a joy to an often-harsh life. Hugs.