26 February 2010

double standard

are those dumbass Canadian broadcasters who suggestd Johnny Weir take a gender test demanding same treatment for the cigar-smoking members of their country's women's hockey team?


MjB said...

I kind of like cigar-smoking, beer- chugging, champaign-swilling women hockey players ;-) It might not be any consolation, but they probably wouldn't respect their women's hockey team much, either. Gender issues are really weird in sports. The International Olympic Committee dropped women's ski jumping from the games. (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=106486162) They argue that there aren't enough countries with women ski jumpers . . . yet some women ski jumpers are better than the top males. It seems to be as much a macho fear of being upstaged by women as it is anything else. A lot of people are intimidated by athletes who don't seem to "act their sex."

AlexG said...

my beef isn't with the athletes but the homophobic sportscasters who attackd Weir. shaking that pink tassle at the judges took more balls than most male athletes have.

cinemage books said...

Well since Weir is not going to change his ways, as well he shouldn't he will have to deal with the fallout from his style and from what I've seen he is doing just fine. What really pisses me off is that these remarks and others by these homophobes still go unchallenged. And bode miller and apolo ohno can shake their tassles at me any time they want to.